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We are a committed team of archaeologists, anthropologists, GIS specialists, illustrators, and facilitators.  Our team is engaged in projects around the world with a variety of partners, focused on collaborative solutions to cultural heritage management.   

David Guilfoyle
Managing Director

David Guilfoyle is an Australian-US archaeologist with a MA in Archaeology and Heritage - committed to applied, collaborative approaches in heritage management (academic profile).  

Cat Morgan
Archaeologist, GIS

Cat Morgan is an archaeologist and GIS specialist and has carried out projects across Australia and the United Kingdom.  She works on a variety of field projects, land care work, and data analysis.  

Dr. Myles Mitchell

Myles Mitchell holds a PhD in Anthropology and Archaeology from the Australian National University.  He has worked on projects in Australia, the USA and the Middle East. 

Genevieve Carey

Genevieve is an archaeologist and graduate from the University of Montana. She has worked across Australia and the western United States, including Alaska, on a variety of projects. 

Robert Bearheart

Robert Bearheart is a graduate from Salish-Kootenai College, Montana, with a degree in Tribal Historic Preservation.  A member of the Ojibwe Nation, Robert has worked on community projects in Alaska, Montana, and Australia. 

cameron weaver.jpg
Cameron Weaver
Field Technician 

Cameron started with AAI as an intern as part of collaborative project in the Four Corners of the USA with Alpine Archaeological Consultants, the Southern Ute Tribe, and the Colorado Department of Transportation.  He has quickly advanced to become an important team member and field technician.  

Heather Bell

Heather has a background in business management and governance and provides administration support for AAI. She works from her home base in Broome, Western Australia.

Cameron Crowe

Cameron serves as business development and network advisor for the team.  Cameron has a background in tourism and community education and outdoor leadership in regional communities and isolated environments. 

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